Guaranteed To Save You $10,000 In First 90 Days
Or Your Money Back.
Avg Savings $15,000 - $35,000  Per Rooftop First 90 days
Terms and conditions apply. See Dealer Agreement for details. Results were calculated using 80 participating dealerships over 7 Program Categories. Results will differ based upon percentages of Gross Sales. The Guarantee  amount applies only to subscription costs and not avg savings figures as show above.

The Process


When you subscribe to the Dealer Chargeback Recovery Suite, your  UDS Edge account is automatically activated. 


You will be contacted and we will arrange for a training session with your staff within the first week.


We will have a UDS Edge specialist go through your first three to five categories generating your initial savings report.

Report Review

Your savings report will be reviewed with you dealership team to show how easy it is to implement the savings into direct savings. 

More Info

Watch the video to see how Expense Edge can help your dealership to save tens of thousands on indirect expenses.

How Much Can Expense Edge Save Your Dealership?

Annual Revenue                  Estimated Increase in Annual Profits

   $15,000,000                                             $136,500

   $25,000,000                                             $227,500

   $35,000,000                                             $318,500

   $50,000,000                                             $455,000

   $75,000,000                                             $682,500

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