We begin with a free consultation with the Owner or GM of the dealership. We explain the four main areas of the online software suite and it's benefits. We discuss the three main areas of Chargeback Recovery, The UDS EDGE portal, and the estimated savings you can expect in the first 90 days.Only after the dealer is comfortable do we move on to our agreement.

We send you a link with access to our monthly subscription agreement. Simply review the document and sign it electronically and fill in the credit card information. Your account is set up immediately and you will be sent a username and password to access your account and portals.

The subscription fee covers the complete setup of your account with separation of individual stores for large dealer groups. We provide training for all your back office staff and management through our online webinars. These are live events that only your employees and executive staff will attend. The process is very easy with an average learning curve of about two hours to process. Additional training is provided free of charge.

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